Indian Feast Cookery Class And Lunch 23rd January 2016

Indian Feast Cookery Class and Lunch 23rd January 2016

So my first cookery class and lunch has been and gone and what a fun day it was. I met some fabulous ladies who were very enthusiastic and arrived ready and willing to get stuck in, whats more they all arrived on the dot of 9am, something which never happened during our time in India!! The previous day Emma and I were busy making up trays for each dish so the students wouldn't spend all morning chopping onions and measuring ingredients, hard work for us but it certainly allows the guests to fill their time doing the interesting stuff and not the mundane. The dining table was laid for lunch, our gorgeous thali plates which we brought back from New Delhi looking shiny and opulent. Some indian textiles on the table all the way from Rajasthan and a few ornaments picked up in the Bazaars of Mumbai to get the conversation going and we were ready to go. After coffee and croissants and a quick run through of the time plan for the day the ladies were paired up, aprons on and raring to go, there is always a sense of adventure at the start of a cookery class which…

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