Cookery Classes in Beverley at Amanda's Kitchen

Student baking bread, India 2013

My recreational cookery classes are designed as  a unique social experience.  All you need to bring is yourself –  we provide aprons, ingredients and recipes.

Recipes are selected to ensure they can be prepared ahead by you at home with minimal last minute attention for that special dinner party or casual supper.

After introductions I will run through the menu, discussing the recipes and explaining how to construct a time-plan to streamline the work. You will be divided into pairs, and you will be allocated recipes which you will prepare under my supervision.  Together we will prepare a meal which will include a starter, main course and dessert.

Cooking is done around a large kitchen island within a home kitchen environment, using equipment typically found in a home kitchen.  The teaching is fun, informative and enthusiastic, directed toward complete beginners right through to the more adventurous home cooks.  The way the courses are run ensures that people of all levels and abilities will be able to cook with confidence.

All sessions are practical, as if you were preparing a meal back in your own home. Between you, you will prepare and cook all the dishes and as we progress I will demonstrate  useful techniques, including how to use knives effectively and safely. I’ll will also share some of my own tips,  those not generally found in cookery books.

After cooking you  will sit down together in a separate dining area to enjoy your hard-earned meal. Water, tea and coffee will be provided, but should you wish to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, you are welcome to bring your own.

These classes are for a maximum of eight people.



Fancy honing your culinary skills?

Our cookery classes are suitable for everyone - from complete beginner to expert.