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Indian Feast Cookery Class and Lunch 23rd January 2016

So my first cookery class and lunch has been and gone and what a fun day it was. I met some fabulous ladies who were very enthusiastic and arrived ready and willing to get stuck in, whats more they all arrived on the dot of 9am, something which never happened during our time in India!!

The previous day Emma and I were busy making up trays for each dish so the students wouldn’t spend all morning chopping onions and measuring ingredients, hard work for us but it certainly allows the guests to fill their time doing the interesting stuff and not the mundane. The dining table was laid for lunch, our gorgeous thali plates which we brought back from New Delhi looking shiny and opulent. Some indian textiles on the table all the way from Rajasthan and a few ornaments picked up in the Bazaars of Mumbai to get the conversation going and we were ready to go.

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After coffee and croissants and a quick run through of the time plan for the day the ladies were paired up, aprons on and raring to go, there is always a sense of adventure at the start of a cookery class which gives such a cool buzz.


The kitchen was soon full of spice market aromas, the distinctive ginger garlic chilly smells wafting around and getting our taste buds going nicely and I was in my element directing operations and talking food and spices.

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The lovely Cheryl Murphy of  Cam-ography popped in to take some photos so a brief rest whilst we got our game faces on for a group picture.

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After the main dishes were finished and cooling, the Monkfish starter and chutney ready to go and we’d all had a final taste for seasoning, it was then time for the group activities, tuiles and chapattis.

Overwhelmingly it was acknowledged how fresh and complex my ‘real’ indian food tastes compared to the generic ‘curry house’ food which is known and loved in our part of the UK, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that my ladies now understand and appreciate the difference and the subtlety of spicing, its got to be said the vegetable and dhal were just as popular as the meat dishes, the okra being a particular surprise.

My demo chapatti puffed up just how it should, and as expected everyone wanted a puffy chapatti, these take time to perfect and I was very smug to have had a good one, its not essential but it certainly helps the texture.

All finished by 1315 and time for a well earned rest for the group, the morning had flown by and the results where amazing the team adjourned to the dining room whilst Emma and I organised service.

“I can’t believe we’ve made this” I heard one lady say as I left the dining room having presented the main course on the thali plates…..oh yes they did and what a good job they made of it too!

We could hear laughter and a good time being had by all and thats what makes it all worthwhile, introducing people to the cuisine of my beloved India and knowing that they can go home safe in the knowledge that they can recreate these gorgeous dishes at home. I joined the ladies later for a chat ..(while emma did the washing up)…I will never see a pampas grass in the same light again, and if you want to know more you’ll have to book a class Check out our events now!!!

Many thanks to Jayne, Gillian, Helen, Sharon, Rachel and Janet and of course the indefatigable uber assistant Emma Caley for making the first day at Amanda’s Kitchen in the UK a fabulous one!!

Amanda Tolan-22MENU

Amritsari Monkfish with Green Chutney

Enriched Chicken and Fenugreek Curry 
Braised Lamb with Saffron & Rosewater 
South Indian Aubergine
Yellow Lentils Curry
Basmati Rice With Cumin 
Whipped Yoghurt
Tomato, Cucumber and Onion Salad
Wholemeal Flatbreads

Pistachio and Saffron Kulfi
Ginger Tuiles

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